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Acquisition Channels by Mattan Griffel CEO of One Month

Acquisition Channels by Mattan Griffel CEO of One Month

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Now that your landing page is ready… you need to drive some traffic!

Mattan shares different channels you can use to drive traffic to your site.


1. The best channels for startups to focus on (lower cost per user)

1. Viral referrals – Word of mouth through users telling friends and going to events

2. Using social media sites

3. Email marketing

4. Blogs/bloggers

5. SEO – Getting to the top of Google

2. A medium cost per user method

1. Hiring a Public Relations person

2. Paying for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Pay Per Click

3. Working on Business Development

4. Affiliate / Lead Generation

5. Direct Marketing (Email, TV, Print, Radio, etc.) – Podcast advertising is great

3. Higher cost marketing channels

1. PR – Targets more traditional media outlets

2. Biz dev/Partnerships – Time consuming or hiring someone

3. Affiliate Marketing – Paying people to get users

4. Direct mail or radio – Costly

5. Telemarketing or television – Expensive, and a reach for most startups

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